Two websites designed to answer all your questions about HR, employment law, and health and safety issues in New Zealand.

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HR Partner

An online subscription package, giving access to regularly updated compliance and best practice modules covering the life cycle of the employment relationship.
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Raising the Bar

Examining the progress and participation of women in New Zealand's professional services industries.
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Safety Partner

An online subscription package giving people with OSH responsibilities access to a regularly updated legal compliance and best practice database.
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  • Workplace Bullying (Book) 14/10/2016
    Book 9780947486754
    Thomson Reuters NEW ZEALAND
    Bullying is a major, but often unacknowledged problem in New Zealand’s workplaces.... More
  • Thomson Reuters NEW ZEALAND
    With the Pike River tragedy having focused national attention on workplace health and safety culture and also having driven legislative reform, it has become crucial to not only understand health and... More
  • Thomson Reuters NEW ZEALAND
    Gender equality is a hot topic of late.... More
  • Employment Mediation - 2nd Edition (Book) 30/06/2013
    Book 9780864728074
    Thomson Reuters NEW ZEALAND
    Written by expert employment lawyer Karen Radich and longstanding employment mediator Peter Franks, Employment Mediation is an invaluable and user-friendly guide to the employment mediation process... More
  • The Brain Based Boss 15/12/2012
    Book 9780864727886
    Thomson Reuters NEW ZEALAND
    By unleashing the secrets of the brain in the workplace, leaders will be able to develop an engaged and high performance workforce.... More
  • Thomson Reuters NEW ZEALAND
    Health and Safety in Employment: Act & Analysis explains and analyses New Zealand’s law which regulates health and safety in the workplace and is intended to provide a practical, single information... More
  • Safeguard Update
    Newsletter 30131144
    Thomson Reuters NEW ZEALAND
    Safeguard Update is a four-page fortnightly newsletter published 24 times a year.... More

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  • Employment Today magazine

    New Zealand’s leading independent HR and employment law magazine, now available online. Ideas, information and solutions that will help HR professionals create great workplaces.

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    Safeguard Magazine

    Bimonthly printed and online publication on the management of workplace health and safety. Essential reading for people with any level of responsibility for health and safety at work.

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