Hiring Employees - People Management

Hiring Employees - People Management


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Hiring Employees - People Management


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Hiring Employees - People Management


Hiring Employees is part of the People Management suite providing affordable and authoritative information on the whole employment relationship - from recruitment to exiting.

This service is designed as a comprehensive one-stop resource for anyone required to provide advice and assistance with anything connected to the management of people. Designed as 10 linked but self-contained modules, each module also includes access to HR and employment-related legislation.

The Hiring Employees module includes:

  • The recruitment process from interviewing to induction of new employees
  • Checklists, sample documents
  • Position descriptions

Other modules that are part of People Management include:

  • The Employment Agreement
  • Drafting Staff Handbooks
  • Managing Performance
  • Payroll and Compliance
  • HR Forms
  • Health, Safety and ACC
  • Protecting Employees
  • Training Programmes
  • Exiting Employees
  • Acts and Regs - provided at no extra cost, Acts and Regs gives the verbatim wording of legislation mentioned in People Management Online. Clicking on a legislative link elsewhere in the library will take you to the right place in this module.

Price is for a single annual subscription for firms or businesses with one practitioner. Practitioner is defined as employed and/or self-employed professionals within New Zealand including: solicitors, self-employed barristers, HR professionals and environmental specialists, corporate counsel, accountants including CPAs and CAs and registered tax agents and financial planners. For pricing for government departments and authorities and multiple users please call 0800 10 60 60.