Helen Parkes, Head of Health, Safety and Wellbeing, St John
8.40AM Know the talk: safety concepts and jargon for HSRs

Safety II, wellbeing, psychological risks, critical risks – do you have a good understanding of the jargon and concepts that come with your HSR role? In this session Dr Hillary Bennett gives an overview of some of the health and safety concepts that HSRs need to know in order to represent workers effectively to protect them from physical and mental harm.

Dr Hillary Bennett, Director, Leading Safety
9.20AM The role HSRs play in promoting mentally healthy work

John Fitzgerald, Mentally Healthy Work Lead, WorkSafe New Zealand

10.00AM Reflection time
10.30AM Workshop 1: Develop the confidence to talk to your audience, be heard and appreciated

Communication is key to being an effective HSR. You are an advocate for your fellow workers and the channel by which their voice is heard by health & safety committees and senior leaders. This session will provide you with strategies and tools to enable you to become a more effective communicator including:

  • How to deliver the message and engage the audience
  • Listening to obtain information
  • Effective questioning
  • Looking for non-verbal cues
  • Providing meaningful feedback
Gaye Stratton, Speak Confidently
12.40PM Workshop 2: Challenging Conversations

As an HSR you may need to communicate information, to your workmates, or on behalf of your workmates up the chain. Sometimes these conversations can be challenging. This session provides tools and tips to enable you to have these productive conversations including:

  • Putting yourself in your audience’s shoes
  • Framing the conversation
  • Understanding your emotions
  • Being clear and concise
  • Explaining the why as well as the what
Gaye Stratton, Speak Confidently
1.20PM Keeping your cheese on your cracker

In uncertain times HSRs play an important role in managing mental health and wellbeing in an organisation, often being the first point of contact. In this session St John psychologist Adele Saunders will talk about the importance of looking after No. 1 to enable you to support your colleagues. Adele will provide you with the tools and know how to recognise the signs that someone may be struggling, tips on how to start a meaningful conversation and knowing when to escalate the response.

Adele Saunders, Manager Wellbeing & Psychological Services, St John
2.20PM Reflection time
2.50PM Bridging the gap between management and workers

Ceryse Rawson’s health & safety journey came by way of an incident, an investigation and a restorative justice process. She discusses the role HSRs play in championing a culture of health and safety and in closing the gap between work as imagined and work as done.

Ceryse Rawson, Senior Health & Safety Representative, Kraft Heinz
3.25PM Plant a seed, grow a champion

Mel Brown has been a frontline HSR in the meat industry for 15+ years. He is an executive member of TRMA Te Ropu Marutau Aotearoa (The Maori Health and Safety Association of NZ) and was a finalist in the 2019 Safeguard Awards (HSR of the Year). Mel joins us today to share his experiences and the challenges, opportunities and rewards of being an HSR.

Mel Brown, Shift Supervisor and National Health & Safety Delegate, AsureQuality Kaitiaki Kai
4.00PM Conference wrap up and close

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