New Zealand Legal Leaders' Forum

The legal industry is changing, and changing rapidly. Demands and pressures on firms are growing – increased competition within the sector has resulted in a drive toward greater efficiency; clients are placing higher demands on their firms, not just in terms of pricing innovation and transparency, but broader social metrics. And, perhaps most significantly, technological change is rapidly changing the delivery and consumption of legal information.

Firms must be aware and adaptable to those changes and craft appropriate solutions aimed at ensuring the long-term sustainability and growth of their business. The future will belong to those firms that are most responsive to these drivers of change.

The New Zealand Legal Leaders' Forum, taking place at the Hilton in Auckland on November 6, addresses the most important challenges facing the legal industry today, and provides guidance on how to react and adapt in order to drive success. The Forum will bring together 3 international keynotes and a number of local legal industry leaders to discuss key topics including:

  • The risks and rewards associated with emerging legal technologies, as well as developing an organisational process for their implementation
  • Understanding the effects of your compensation model and how it impacts firm objectives
  • Effectively utilising alternative legal service providers (ALSPs)
  • Creating an effective pricing strategy and using pricing to strengthen client relationships
  • Effecting cultural change in the workplace to address issues of diversity and inclusion

The New Zealand Legal Leaders’ Forum is an excellent opportunity to advance the commercial objectives of your business, engage with experts in law firm development and network with legal leaders within the industry.

We look forward to welcoming you to the conference.

Jackie Rhodes,
Managing Director, Thomson Reuters Australia and New Zealand
Chair of the New Zealand Legal Leaders’ Forum