The body of evidence pointing to the scale of New Zealand’s occupational health and wellbeing risk is difficult to ignore. Over 700 people die as a result of work-related illnesses a year, which doesn’t include the thousands of people harmed annually by stress, bullying and mental wellbeing issues.

However, getting health and wellbeing on the business agenda and taken seriously continues to be challenging. If we want our people to flourish and reach their full potential with the least exposure to harm, we need to create work and workplaces that acknowledges the physical, emotional and psychological needs of their workers.

Now in its 4th year, HealthyWork will bring together a host of health, safety, wellbeing, HR and management professionals from across New Zealand for one high-impact day.

With two international speakers and a host of local case studies, HealthyWork will show you the theory, and then give you examples of organisations who’ve made a real difference to their workforces.

For those that want to extend their learning, we are running a separately bookable post-conference workshop on effective psychosocial risk management.

Join us for a day where we turn the theory of wellbeing into practice and give you real takeaways make a different to the heath and wellbeing of your people.