One high-impact day to reposition your firm for the information age

The business world is changing, and the law sector is no different. Traditional business and technological models are being disrupted and dismantled, and the firms who are agile and poised to take advantage of these changes are the ones who will out-compete the rest.

At this new one day summit, we will examine the major trends that will shape the future of the law sector in New Zealand over the next two decades, and discover how best to meet them. Your business will become faster, more adaptable, and ultimately more profitable.

Topics covered will include:

  • The evolution of the lawyer-client relationship in the ‘instant feedback’ era
  • Unlocking the power of the mobile, paperless practice
  • The business models of the future firm
  • Key risks that will affect your firm (and how you can mitigate them)

and much more...

We invite you take this opportunity to explore how your business will secure its future and grow in an ever-more competitive environment.


Contact Annette Vao on (09) 361 8925 or