Environmental Law Conference

The state of environmental law in New Zealand is evolving to meet the rising demands on our resources, population growth and movement, as well as new ways of approaching preservation and sustainability. Understanding the path forward requires a solid comprehension of our past and the impact of legislation, advocacy and enforcement.

The inaugural Environmental Law Conference, organised by Thomson Reuters, will provide meaningful and substantive discussion on the many interesting facets of environmental law, from freshwater policy to climate change and urban planning to issues unique to New Zealand, such as Iwi participation in decisions of environmental significance. The conference is aimed at providing practical guidance for those that work in the environmental space and focuses on The Law in Practice.

Indeed, these are exciting times for environmental practitioners. We have seen recent amendments to the RMA, the impacts of which will become more apparent with time. There have been valuable lessons gathered from enforcement actions and case law interpretation. And, it is all but certain that further changes to our environmental framework are imminent. New government policies will be developed and debated and strain on resources will require further reflection on balancing use and preservation. Keeping abreast of these changes and having an awareness of their impact is critical to navigating the law and developing your practice.

We look forward to welcoming you to this one-day event and discussing these interesting and timely topics with you.

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