8.00AM Registration & Coffee
9.00AM Welcome from the organisers
9.10AM Welcome from the Platinum Sponsors, WorkSafe New Zealand
9.15AM International Keynote: The fascinating relationship between trust, safety and control

If you trust individuals to be in control of their own safety, how do they perform? Workers who are subject to fewer rules on safety have been shown to have a higher locus of control and better mindfulness - but are they safer? We explore the role that trust has in creating high-performing safety cultures.

Dr Drew Rae, Lecturer, Griffith University (Australia)
10.00AM WorkSafe New Zealand Address: Latest reflections and observations from the regulator

Nicole Rosie
, Chief Executive, WorkSafe New Zealand
11.15AM Leading Conversations: Building a culture of trust in your organisation

Cultures of trust start at the top. They are filtered down from the board and executive through middle management and to the front lines. We sit down with business leaders to discuss the role that trust, authenticity and worker-centricity play in high health and safety performance.

Moderator: Francois Barton, Executive Director, Business Leaders’ Health & Safety Forum
Sheridan Broadbent, Director, Kordia
Mike Bennetts, CEO, Z Energy
Mark Julian, General Manager – Dairy Operations, Landcorp

Further panellists to be confirmed
12.00PM It’s a jungle out there: where does health & safety sit in the organisational ecosystem?

Success in health and safety is dependent on safety professionals’ ability to influence, engage and move the organisation along the safety maturity curve. Unfortunately, many organisations still view health and safety as a tactical or operational function, making it hard to elevate the level of conversation. This session will explore how safety can be positioned as a strategic asset, and the role of the health and safety professional in facilitating that discussion.

Helen Parkes, Director, Cosman Parkes
12.40PM 15 minutes of information: the first HSWA sentencings

Grant Nicholson, Partner, Kensington Swan
1.55PM The health and safety professional as a coach

Many organisations are moving away from the command-and-control, ‘do-as-I-say’ model of health & safety management to a coaching approach. However, this requires the health and safety professional to engage a different skill-set: one of influencing, mentoring and engagement. In this session, Andy will share his experiences of the benefits of the coaching approach and advise how you can make it a success.

Andy White, Human and Organisational Performance Coach
2.30PM Panel Discussion: Howdy partner! Successfully moving to a ‘business partner’ model of safety

Many organisations are moving away from employing safety advisors or managers and creating ‘health and safety business partners’. While the partner model can be an effective way to improve front-line engagement in and ownership of safety – the devil is in the detail of how it is implemented. This panel brings together a number of safety professionals who use the partner model, who will share its strengths, weaknesses and keys to success.

Moderator: Hillary Bennett, Director, Leading Safety
Carla Bogue, Health & Safety Business Partner, George Weston Foods
Gina Miles, Health & Safety Business Partner, Genesis Energy
Chris Woods, Health & Safety Manager, Bay of Plenty Regional Council
3.40PM International Keynote: From fixing the worker to fixing work

How can you turn around a safety culture that is control-driven and blames workers for incidents or near misses? Create better work! QantasLink created an environment where workers were given increased autonomy and self-direction over their safety, which drove improvements in trust, discretionary effort and resilience.

René van der Merwe, Head of Workplace Health & Safety, Qantas (Australia)
4.25PM Ministerial Address
Hon Iain Lees-Galloway
, Minister for Workplace Relations and Safety
4.40PM Closing remarks and end of Day 1
7.00PM New Zealand Workplace Health and Safety Awards Gala Dinner & Awards Ceremony (separately bookable)


7.45AM Networking Breakfast
9.00AM Welcome back from the MC
9.05AM International Keynote: The power of ignorance

Large-scale culture transformations require an emotional connection at their heart to be successful. To find that, safety professionals above all need to deeply understand the cultural, psychological and social factors that will make the message resonate. In this session, Richard Coleman will illustrate why you should open your ears, embrace your ignorance and put workers at the centre of your safety programme generation.

Richard Coleman, Chief Executive, The Interchange (Australia)
9.50AM New ways of working

ACC outlines its way of using co-design with its customers to develop new workplace safety incentives in a collaborative and transparent way. Businesses are a part of finding a solution that works for them as well as ACC and together they shape effective initiatives based on trust and valuing each other.

Phil Riley, Head of Business Customer Service Delivery, ACC
11.00AM Case study: Minding your PCBUs

When you are part of a complex supply chain involving multiple contractors and service providers operating across a number of remote worksites, engagement on safety issues can be challenging. However with purpose, engagement and a shared commitment you can make a big difference! Sheryl will share how the safety ‘non-negotiables’ designed with PF Olsen and other companies are now being extended across the forestry industry.

Sheryl Dawson, CEO, McFall Fuel
11.45AM Case Study: Fostering engagement through wellbeing

Wellbeing initiatives only achieve their full potential when you have engagement at all levels – from the board room to the factory floor. The Sanford team will share how they got multiple sites and people at all levels of the business on board with wellbeing – and embedded it deeply into the organisational culture.

Grant Day, Timaru Site Manager, Sanford
12.15PM 15 minutes of innovation: Boil Out – training safely with virtual reality

Amanda Lawrey
, Digital Manager – IT, Fulton Hogan
1.30PM Energising your health & safety committee

“We’d love to do employee participation better – but it’s hard when our health and safety committee meetings are so boring!” Sound familiar? You’re not alone. To maximise the value of worker participation, you have to make it interesting and engaging. This session goes into practical ideas and examples on how to supercharge your health & safety committee.

Jon Harper-Slade,General Manager, Construction Safety Council and Deirdre Farr, Assistant Lecturer, Massey University
Mark James, Lead Organiser, E Tū
Stephen Best, HSR and Leading Hand Carpenter, Fletcher Building

2.15PM 15 minutes of inspiration: the inaugural Health and Safety Public Sector Summer Intern Programme

Shannon Dobson, Principal Adviser Health and Safety Workforce, Department of Corrections
2.30PM High flying safety engagement & performance

John Whittaker from Air New Zealand will discuss how a high-performance, high-engagement approach has influenced the airline’s health and safety culture, from peer support and wellbeing initiatives through to the engagement of employee reps and unions in leading change.

John Whittaker, Chief of Airline Operations & People Safety, Air New Zealand
3.30PM Closing Keynote: Safety and the future of work

New technology and changing employment dynamics are fundamentally changing the nature of work. Driverless vehicles, robotics and drone technology are here now and already having an impact on worker safety, while emerging and future technology trends such as blockchain, biohacking and augmented reality will shape the health and safety industry for years to come. Join us as we end day two with a glimpse in to safety and the future of work.

Dave Wild, Futurist, Innovator & Strategist


Auckland: 28 - 29 May 2019


For any event enquiries please email or phone 09 361 8925