Building Trust

Good work is characterised by high-trust environments with workers placed at the centre. These workplaces also tend to perform the best at health and safety.

Trust is a critical element of creating resilient, high-performing cultures. It needs to exist in all parts of the health and safety ecosystem: between the workers and H&S professionals, between H&S professionals and management, between different functions of a business, across PCBUs and between the regulators and regulated.

The question then, is to create and nurture these environments. The 2018 Safeguard National Health and Safety Conference is all about Building Trust. Over two days, we’ll explore the link between health and safety and trust, and show how health and safety can become an influential partner that enables better work

The conference will challenge the perceptions of the health and safety role, empower you to become an agent for positive change, and explore how we can go back and make all of our workplaces safer, healthier, and ultimately better.

We look forward to you joining us.