Criminal Procedure in New Zealand, 2nd Edition (Book + eBook Bundle)

Criminal Procedure in New Zealand, 2nd Edition (Book + eBook Bundle)

Jeremy Finn, Don Mathias


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Date: 30/09/2015

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Thomson Reuters, NEW ZEALAND


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Since its publication in 2013, Criminal Procedure in New Zealand has been the leading text on the Criminal Procedure Act 2011. In addition, this book has provided expert analysis on the application of a number of other statutes that impact the criminal process.

Comprehensively cross-referenced and organised in a format that guides the reader through all major aspects of criminal procedure, this second edition provides an updated examination of the new procedures that have been the subject of judicial decision, elucidation or comment in the two years since the publication of the first edition. This book also deals with practical issues that arise in applying this body of law, and where appropriate additional material is referred to.

Criminal Procedure in New Zealand (2nd edition) is written by two of New Zealand’s criminal procedure specialists, whose combined perspectives on the law in this area provide a text which is both practical and scholarly.

Designed to help criminal lawyers understand the body of law relevant to all stages of the criminal process, this second edition will be of use on a day-to-day basis by prosecutors and defenders alike.

For these reasons, Criminal Procedure in New Zealand (2nd edition) is an essential tool in the criminal litigator’s tool box and continues to be a must have for judges, the police, probation officers, students and members of the public interested in criminal law.

Extract from review by Tiana Epati, LawTalk – 893 - 29 July 2016

"...The preface states that the text is intended to provide readers with “an approachable but adequately detailed discussion of criminal procedure from the inception of proceedings to the conclusion of appeals”. It definitely does that, and then some. "
"When I first started reading this book, I had intended to give it to some of my junior staff as an introduction to criminal procedure because it provides a great and, in many ways, all-encompassing overview of criminal procedure."
" ...Having learnt a few things, I have concluded that this is a text all criminal practitioners should have in their briefcase, along with other ‘must have’ texts like Mahoney on Evidence. It is a well-written, detailed and succinct resource which I will be keeping, rather than giving my junior staff.

Click the following link to open the full PDF review:
Criminal Procedure in New Zealand, 2nd edition - LawTalk Review

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Introduction

Chapter 2 - Initiation of Prosecutions

Chapter 3 - From Initiation of Proceedings to First Appearance

Chapter 4 - First Appearance, Bail, Suppression Orders and Fitness to Plead and to Stand Trial

Chapter 5 - Initial Case Management and Procedure — Disclosure and Sentence Indications

Chapter 6 - Pleas

Chapter 7 - Pre-trial Evidence Issues

Chapter 8 - Pre-trial Procedural Issues

Chapter 9 - Course of Trial

Chapter 10 - Determining the Facts

Chapter 11 - Duties of Counsel Before and at Trial

Chapter 12 - Possible Retrials Following an Acquittal

Chapter 13 - Sentencing Process and Related Issues

Chapter 14 - Appeals

Chapter 15 - Youth Justice

Chapter 16 - Restorative Justice

Chapter 17 - Victims in the Criminal Justice Process

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