Coote on the New Zealand Contract Statutes (Book)

Coote on the New Zealand Contract Statutes (Book)

Brian Coote, John Carter, John Ren


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Date: 22/08/2017

Code: 9781988504483

Thomson Reuters, NEW ZEALAND


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Coote on the New Zealand Contract Statutes collects in a single volume the most important of Emeritus Professor Brian Coote’s writings on the New Zealand contract statutes relating to mistake, privity of contract, contractual remedies and illegality. The most distinguished New Zealand contract lawyer of his generation, Prof Coote served for 20 years on the Contracts and Commercial Law Reform Committee, whose work led to enactment of the contract statutes. The recent consolidation of the legislation in the Contract and Commercial Law Act 2017 makes this a very timely work.

The collected materials include separate chapters providing an overview of the contract statutes and an assessment of their interpretation in the courts. The editors (Emeritus Professor John Carter and Dr John Ren) have prepared a chapter on subsequent developments that includes references to subsequent cases, journal literature and revisions to the various statutes prior to the 2017 Act. The work also includes the text of the relevant parts of the 2017 Act, a table of corresponding provisions and a Preface by the editors. Professor Francis Dawson has contributed a foreword.

This work on the most distinctive feature of New Zealand contract law is fully indexed and is a must for all practitioners.