Conflicts of Interest (5th edition)

Conflicts of Interest (5th edition)

Charles Hollander QC, Simon Salzedo QC


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Date: 22/07/2016

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Sweet & Maxwell, UNITED KINGDOM


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Conflicts of Interest provides authoritative guidance on the law relating to conflicts of interest in all its dimensions, from client conflict and personal conflict to commercial and judicial conflict. It explains in detail the current legal position in various professional sectors (lawyers, accountants, directors, estate agents and insurance brokers). The expert authors provide guidance on avoiding potential conflicts of interest while providing practical advice and remedies for any that do arise.

This title continues to be a trailblazer in this highly topical and continually developing legal area. With the increasing internationalization of law firms - one result being that branches of the same firm in different countries might be called upon to act for opposing clients - actual and potential conflicts of interest are on the increase.

  • A chapter considering conflicts arising from takeovers.
  • Analysis of the issue of judicial conflict as it affects all decision-making tribunals
  • Expert guidance on the obligation to disclose information.
  • Examination and explanation of information barriers (formerly frequently referred to as “Chinese Walls”).
  • Consideration of the duty owed to the other side.
  • A closer look at Commonwealth jurisprudence relevant to conflicts of interest.

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