Colinvaux's Law of Insurance (11th edition)

Colinvaux's Law of Insurance (11th edition)

Robert Merkin


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Date: 24/08/2016

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Sweet & Maxwell, UNITED KINGDOM

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Colinvaux’s Law of Insurance provides succinct yet comprehensive analysis of all areas of UK insurance law. It covers the core components of insurance contracts, the parties involved, and special cases of insurance and continues to be a leading text in this field.

The Insurance Act 2015 comes into force on 12 August 2016. It is the first piece of legislation in the history of insurance to introduce wide-ranging changes to the law, and is the result of the work of the English and Scottish Law Commissions over a ten-year period starting in 2006. The Insurance Act 2015 has repealed and replaced concepts dating back to the eighteenth century applicable to the placement of the risk and to the consequences of breach of policy terms.

Main features:

  • Comprehensive overview of the essential principles of insurance law in the United Kingdom.
  • Analyses three distinct areas: insurance contracts, the parties involved, and special types of insurance.
  • Explains the core components of insurance contract law including risk, utmost good faith, premiums, claims, and loss.
  • Detailed commentary on the construction of insurance policies and the rules governing wording and phrasing.
  • Examines nine special types of insurance including life and accident, liability, property, motor vehicle, financial, marine, and war risk.

The new edition of Colinvaux comprehensively examines the new law in detail, with significant changes to the following chapters:

  • A brand new chapter on the duty of fair presentation.
  • The chapter on conditions and warranties has been rewritten to take account of the important new restrictions on the enforcement of warranties and risk clauses.
  • The chapter on claims discusses the new principles applicable to the remedies for fraudulent claims.
  • Other chapters have been updated to reflect the changes introduced by the Insurance Act 2015.

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