Clerk & Lindsell on Torts 22nd edition

Clerk & Lindsell on Torts 22nd edition

Professor Michael Jones, Anthony Dugdale, Jeff Kenny


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Date: 12/03/2018

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Sweet & Maxwell, UNITED KINGDOM

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Clerk & Lindsell on Torts, part of our Common Law Library series, is one of our flagship titles. It is the definitive work and market leader in this area of law; it offers the most comprehensive coverage of the subject, providing the end user with indispensable access to current, frequent and unrivalled authoritative information on all aspects of tort law. An essential reference tool, Clerk & Lindsell is widely referred to by practitioners and cited the judiciary.

The new edition brings the work completely up-to-date with the changes in the law since the last edition in 2014, including those arising from the Defamation Act 2013 and the developments in all of the key case law, including relevant decisions from the Supreme Court and Court of Appeal.

Supreme Court decisions include:

  • Campbell v Peter Gordon Joiners Ltd [2016] UKSC 38
  • Patel v Mirza [2016] UKSC 42
  • Rahmatullah v Ministry of Defence [2017] UKSC 1
  • Mohammed v Ministry of Defence (No 2) [2017] UKSC 2
  • BPE Solicitors v Hughes-Holland [2017] UKSC 21

Key features:

  • Sets out the general principles, including liability and causation, and details the practice and procedure of seeking solutions
  • Explains the general defences, such as claimant’s wrongdoing, contributory negligence, consent and assumption of risk, exclusion of liability and miscellaneous defences
  • Covers all areas of tort, from joint liability and vicarious liability to capacity and parties, from foreign torts to negligence, from breach of statutory duty to professional liability, and from product liability and occupiers liability to employers liability and public service liability
  • Deals with important areas from malicious prosecution to wrongful interference with goods, from deceit to trespass of land and dispossession, from animals liability to nuisance and Rylands v Fletcher implications, and from malicious falsehood to economic torts
  • Discusses statutory IP rights, passing off and breach of confidence and privacy
  • Includes a fully updated chapter on Defamation to take in the changes in law brought in with the Defamation Act 2013
  • Deals extensively with damages
  • Covers injunctions and limitation periods
  • Includes discussion of self-help and discharge of torts
  • Considers relevant human rights issues
  • Comprehensive commentary on recent case law showing how the general principles apply to different situations – over 10,000 cases cited
  • Is relevant to all common law countries, as it considers relevant commonwealth case law

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Principles of liability in tort
Chapter 2: Causation in Tort: General Principles
Chapter 3: General Defences
Chapter 4: Joint Liability and Contribution
Chapter 5: Capacity and Parties
Chapter 6: Vicarious Liability
Chapter 7: Foreign Torts
Chapter 8: Negligence
Chapter 9: Breach of Statutory Duty
Chapter 10: Professional Liability
Chapter 11: Product Liability and Consumer Protection
Chapter 12: Occupiers’ Liability and Defective Premises
Chapter 13: Employers’ Liability
Chapter 14: Public Service Liability
Chapter 15: Trespass to the Person 
Chapter 16: Malicious Prosecution
Chapter 17: Wrongful Interference with Goods
Chapter 18: Deceit
Chapter 19: Trespass to Land and Dispossession
Chapter 20: Nuisance and Rylands v Fletcher
Chapter 21: Animals
Chapter 22: Defamation
Chapter 23: Malicious Falsehood
Chapter 24: Economic Torts
Chapter 25: Statutory Intellectual Property Rights
Chapter 26: Passing Off
Chapter 27: Breach of Confidence and Privacy
Chapter 28: Damages
Chapter 29: Injunctions
Chapter 30: Self-Help
Chapter 31: Discharge of Torts
Chapter 32: Limitation