Benjamin's Sale of Goods 11e

Benjamin's Sale of Goods 11e

Professor Michael Bridge


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Date: 30/11/2020

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Sweet & Maxwell, UNITED KINGDOM

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Offering a one-stop source to all the elements, principles, legislation and case law surrounding sale of goods not just in the UK but internationally, Benjamin's Sale of Goods has firmly established itself as the only title you need on sale of goods.
Frequently cited in court, its depth and coverage make Benjamin an essential reference tool in your commercial law library.
NEW for this edition
For this edition, key new legislation and case law covered includes:
  • European Union (Withdrawal Agreement) Act 2020
  • Corporate Insolvency and Governance Act 2020
  • Consumer Protection (enforcement) (Amendment etc) Regulations 2019
  • AA v Persons Unknown (crypto-assets)
  • Natixis SA v Marex Financial (warehouse receipts)
  • JSC Antipinsky Refinery (property interests)
  • Wilson v Beko plc and Al-Iqra v DSG Retail Ltd (product liability)
  • Lintner v UniCredit Bank Hungary Zrt (consumer legislation and national courts)
  • Morris-Garner v One Step (Support) Ltd (negotiating damages)
  • Priyanka Shipping Ltd v Glory Bulk Carriers Ltd (injunctions)
  • Wilmar Trading Pte Ltd v Heroic Warrier Inc (The Bum Chin) (actions against carriers)
  • Mitsubishi Corp v Kyen Resources Pte Ltd (price action)

Table of Contents

Part One  Nature and formation of the Contract of Sale; 
  • 1 The contract of sale of goods; 
  • 2 Formation of the contract; 
  • 3 Application of general contractual principles; 
Part two Property and risk; 
  • 4 The title of the seller; 
  • 5 Passing of property; 
  • 6 Risk and frustration; 
  • 7 Transfer of title by non-owners;
Part three Performance of the contract; 
  • 8 Delivery; 
  • 9 Acceptance and payment; 
Part four Defective goods; 
  • 10 Classification of statements as to goods; 
  • 11 Terms as to description and quality implied by the sale of goods act; 
  • 12 Remedies in respect of defects; 
  • 13 Exemption clauses; 
Part five Consumer protection; 
  • 14 Consumer protection; 
Part six Remedies; 
  • 15 The seller’s remedies affecting the goods; 
  • 16 Other remedies of the seller; 
  • 17 The remedies of the buyer; 
Part seven Overseas sales; 
  • 18 Overseas sales in general; 
  • 19 CIF contracts; 
  • 20 FOB contracts; 
  • 21 Other special terms and provisions in overseas sales; 
  • 22 Negotiable instruments in overseas sales; 
  • 23 Documentary credits; 
  • 24 Autonomous guarantees; 
  • 25 Export credit guarantees; 
Part Eight Conflict of laws; 
  • 26 Conflict of laws; 
  • Appendix The Sale of Goods Act 1979