Australian Media Law - 5th Edition

Australian Media Law - 5th Edition

Des Butler, Sharon Rodrick


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Date: 27/07/2015

Code: 9780455234403

Lawbook Co., AUSTRALIA


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Australian Media Law details and explains the complex case law, legislation and regulations governing media practice in areas as diverse as journalism, advertising, multimedia and broadcasting. It examines the issues affecting traditional forms of media such as television, radio, film and newspapers as well as for recent forms such as the internet, online forums and digital technology, in a clear and accessible format.

New additions to the fifth edition include:

  • the implications of new anti-terrorism legislation for journalists;
  • developments in privacy law, including Law Reform recommendations for a statutory cause of action to protect personal privacy in Australia and the expanding privacy jurisprudence in the United Kingdom and New Zealand;
  • liability for defamation of internet search engines and service providers;
  • the High Court decision in Roadshow v iiNet and the position of internet service providers in relation to copyright infringement via their services;
  • new suppression order regimes;
  • statutory reforms providing journalists with a rebuttable presumption of non-disclosure when called upon to reveal their sources in a court of law;
  • recent developments regarding whether journalists can use electronic devices to collect and disseminate information about court proceedings;
  • contempt committed by jurors via social media; and
  • an examination of recent decisions on defamation, confidentiality, vilification, copyright and contempt.

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