Arbitration 2nd Edition - (eBook)

Arbitration 2nd Edition - (eBook)

Anthony Willy, Terence Sissons

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Date: 18/01/2019

Code: 9781988553276

Thomson Reuters, NEW ZEALAND



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Arbitration (2nd edition) is a leading text in its field, which, as with its previous edition, provides a thorough commentary on, and guide to, the law and practice of arbitration in New Zealand. The book is well respected amongst those who practice in the field of arbitration. The commentary in this new edition is informed by the collective knowledge and experience of arbitrators and co-authors Anthony Willy and Terence Sissons.

This second edition brings the text up to date and incorporates new commentary covering legal developments on:

  • agreements to arbitrate;
  • effect of delay by an arbitral tribunal in publishing an award;
  • appointment of arbitrators;
  • the power of arbitral tribunals to correct errors in awards and to provide an interpretation of a specific point or part of the award;
  • the requirement that an arbitral tribunal gives reasons for an award;
  • the power of arbitrators to make interim measures and preliminary orders;
  • circumstances in which recourse against an award is available;
  • enforcement of awards;
  • the allocation of the costs and expenses of arbitration.

Arbitration (2nd edition) is also written with a diverse readership in mind, ranging from professional and technical arbitrators, experienced lawyers, judges, expert witnesses and advocates, those who wish to gain formal accreditation as arbitrators, and students studying Alternative Dispute Resolution. For these reasons, the book continues to be a standard work of reference for all those with an interest in applying or learning about arbitration in New Zealand.

… this edition continues with much that will be of use to the practitioner at a practical level. This kind of advice can be provided only by those with the vast experience of these authors. It cannot be extracted from a study of the legislation and decisions alone… there is much that is contemporary and original. For example there is a useful reference to private arbitral institutes currently operating in New Zealand and a new chapter on ethics for arbitrators.”

Hon Robert Fisher QC, LLD, FAMINZ


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