A Practical Guide to International Commercial Arbitration: Planning, Assessment & Strategy

A Practical Guide to International Commercial Arbitration: Planning, Assessment & Strategy

Steven P Finizio, Duncan Speller


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Forthcoming Release, 31/10/2019

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Sweet & Maxwell, UNITED KINGDOM

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A Practical Guide to International Commercial Arbitration provides essential hands-on guide to give you practical, up-to-date and easily accessible advice and knowledge in this area.

Bringing you a step-by-step guide to the arbitration process, it sets out to advise on building a strategy to ensure every stage of the arbitral process meets the commercial objectives and maximises its prospects of success

The New 2nd Edition:

  • Is fully up-to-date to include recent rule changes from all the major arbitration bodies
  • Deals with both the contractual arrangements necessary to provide for arbitration in the event of a dispute, and the process of the arbitration itself
  • Gives expert advice on the planning and conduct of each stage of the arbitral process from drafting an agreement to arbitrate to enforcing an award
  • Includes case study scenarios, comparative tables of selected rules and laws and an extensive glossary

What's New?

  • Revisions and updates to: the 2012 ICC Rules of Arbitration; the 2012 Swiss Arbitration Rules; the 2012 CIETAC Arbitration Rules; the 2012 KLRCA Rules; the LCIA Arbitration Rules and HKIAC Rules
  • Revisions and changes to national arbitration laws, including the French New Code of Civil Procedure; the Singapore International Arbitration Act; and the forthcoming changes to Swiss Arbitration Law (the international arbitration provisions of the Swiss Public International Law Act)
  • Major recent decisions in growing commercial regions including India and Brazil
  • Further coverage of developing trends, such as third party funding
  • Expanded and developed appendices including flow charts with cross referencing to the main text
  • Expanded and updated glossary

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: What is international arbitration and why choose it?

Chapter 2: Drafting an agreement to arbitrate

Chapter 3: Commencing an arbitration

Chapter 4: The tribunal

Chapter 5: Strategic steps in commencing an arbitration

Chapter 6: Jurisdiction

Chapter 7: Powers and duties of arbitrators

Chapter 8: Stages of the arbitration

Chapter 9: Strategy in conduct of the arbitration

Chapter 10: The award

Chapter 11: Enforcing an arbitral award

Chapter 12: Challenging an arbitral award

Chapter 13: Specific types of international arbitration

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