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Craig Macalister
Thomson Reuters, NEW ZEALAND
Book 9781988553993 09/12/2019 Sale Price: $102.00 + GST Price: $120.00 Save: $18.00 (15%)

GST in New Zealand 2020 Edition is the fourth annual updated edition of this significant work designed to provide readers with in-depth commentary and practical advice and application of the law of.. more

Kim Rubenstein
Lawbook Co., AUSTRALIA
Book 9780455236292 16/12/2016 Sale Price: $99.61 + GST Price: $124.51 Save: $24.90 (20%)

Citizenship is the pivotal legal status in any nation-state... more

Susan Sherry, Geoffrey Shindler
Sweet & Maxwell, UNITED KINGDOM
Book 9780414050891 21/10/2016 Sale Price: $198.40 + GST Price: $248.00 Save: $49.60 (20%)

Powers of Attorney is the definitive work providing clear guidance on the creation, interpretation and use of powers of attorney... more

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