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Book 9780414080348 Forthcoming Release 30/06/2021 Sale Price: Price: $386.00 + GST You Save:

This new work surveys the legal relations that are at play in the different disciplines of commercial law and the remedies that may be granted in connection with them... more

Jessica Palmer, Ronda Bessner, Nicola Peart, Susan Lightstone
Carswell, Canada
Book 9780779880720 11/10/2017 Sale Price: $143.83 + GST Price: $179.78 Save: $35.95 (20%)

Public inquiries have significantly shaped public policy in Canada... more

Book 9780779880430 01/07/2017 Sale Price: $170.00 + GST Price: $212.49 Save: $42.49 (20%)

This is the essential text for Crown counsel who need to operate within the rules of law and for defence counsel who need to identify when prosecutorial misconduct occurs and the remedies that are available... more

Book 9780779880249 31/05/2017 Sale Price: $256.19 + GST Price: $320.23 Save: $64.04 (20%)

A classic text, The Law of Contracts is routinely cited by the Supreme Court of Canada and other courts... more

Eric Morgan
Carswell, Canada
Book 9780779872565 01/08/2016 Sale Price: $92.68 + GST Price: $115.84 Save: $23.16 (20%)

This is a step-by-step guidance of the basic issues involved in pleading a case involving professional negligence, whether from the plaintiff's or defendant's side... more

Book 9780779872398 30/06/2016 Sale Price: $139.01 + GST Price: $173.76 Save: $34.75 (20%)

Innovation is a major driver for the economy... more

Barry Lipson, QC
Carswell, Canada
Book 9780779867936 14/12/2015 Sale Price: $194.09 + GST Price: $242.61 Save: $48.52 (20%)

The Art of the Corporate Deal offers real-world advice to lawyers involved in the deal-making process... more

Book 9780779863327 30/05/2014 Sale Price: $241.60 + GST Price: $302.00 Save: $60.40 (20%)

This text provides readers with a concise statement of the principles of administrative law... more

Book 9780888046215 28/02/2014 Sale Price: $247.75 + GST Price: $309.68 Save: $61.93 (20%)

Despite their great value, Powers of Attorney to manage the affairs of incapable persons always have the potential for abuse, especially financial abuse... more

Ann Wilton, Gary Joseph
Carswell, Canada
Book 9780779856770 10/01/2014 Sale Price: $158.01 + GST Price: $197.51 Save: $39.50 (20%)

Family Law Arbitration in Canada, 2nd Edition provides the legislation, precedents, jurisprudence and insightful commentary necessary to assist counsel, arbitrators, mediators and the parties themselves.. more

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