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Eric Morgan
Carswell, Canada
Book 9780779872565 01/08/2016 Sale Price: $82.48 + GST Price: $103.09 Save: $20.61 (20%)

This is a step-by-step guidance of the basic issues involved in pleading a case involving professional negligence, whether from the plaintiff's or defendant's side... more

Alison Manzer
Carswell, Canada
Book 9780779872596 31/07/2016 Sale Price: $134.20 + GST Price: $167.75 Save: $33.55 (20%)

Help your clients take their projects from vision to reality... more

Book 9780779872398 30/06/2016 Sale Price: $123.72 + GST Price: $154.64 Save: $30.92 (20%)

Innovation is a major driver for the economy... more

Barry Lipson, QC
Carswell, Canada
Book 9780779867936 14/12/2015 Sale Price: Price: $217.98 + GST You Save:

The Art of the Corporate Deal offers real-world advice to lawyers involved in the deal-making process... more

Ann Wilton, Gary Joseph
Carswell, Canada
Book 9780779856770 10/01/2014 Sale Price: Price: $175.78 + GST You Save:

Family Law Arbitration in Canada, 2nd Edition provides the legislation, precedents, jurisprudence and insightful commentary necessary to assist counsel, arbitrators, mediators and the parties themselves.. more

Book 9780779856831 10/01/2014 Sale Price: Price: $150.00 + GST You Save:

Since the financial crisis in 2008, best practices for corporate governance of financial institutions have significantly evolved, and international regulators have placed a greater emphasis on corporate.. more

Ken Cooper-Stephenson
Carswell, Canada
Book 9780779855063 06/09/2013 Sale Price: Price: $133.75 + GST You Save:

Constitutional Damages Worldwide examines claims for damages for the breach of human rights provisions under constitutions around the globe, including claims for constitutional torts in the United States,.. more

Book 9780779854868 30/06/2013 Sale Price: Price: $56.00 + GST You Save:

World-Class Practitioners, in the financial services industry, are not born – they're made... more

Francios Vincent
Carswell, Canada
Book 9780779854035 14/06/2013 Sale Price: Price: $166.00 + GST You Save:

This publication is a single-source reference book that provides a comprehensive review of transfer pricing transactions from a Canadian perspective... more

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