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Dr Ian Freckelton QC
Lawbook Co., AUSTRALIA
Book 9780455238425 26/09/2019 Sale Price: $187.20 + GST Price: $234.00 Save: $46.80 (20%)

Expert Evidence: Law, Practice, Procedure and Advocacy, now in its Sixth Edition, is the acclaimed work of first resort for analysing the complex law and practice surrounding expert witnesses and expert.. more

Book 9780455232140 10/09/2019 Sale Price: $215.20 + GST Price: $269.00 Save: $53.80 (20%)

Investigating Corruption and Misconduct in Public Office Second Edition provides accessible, authoritative and practical information about anti-corruption agencies... more

Mieke Brandon, Linda Fisher
Lawbook Co., AUSTRALIA
Book 9780455500546 27/08/2018 Sale Price: $121.60 + GST Price: $152.00 Save: $30.40 (20%)

“The 3rd edition of this essential title continues its significant role in providing a substantial resource for practitioners, anchoring their work in best practice, standards and ethics... more

Michael Mills
Lawbook Co., AUSTRALIA
Book 9780455236049 08/06/2018 Sale Price: $152.80 + GST Price: $191.00 Save: $38.20 (20%)

Commercial Dispute Resolution is a must-have resource providing a strategy focused approach to Alternative Dispute Resolution... more

Professor Craig Elliffe
Thomson Reuters, NEW ZEALAND
Book 9781988504995 04/05/2018 Sale Price: $152.00 + GST Price: $190.00 Save: $38.00 (20%)

The winner of the 2015 JF Northey Memorial Book Award is back with its much anticipated second edition... more

Book 9780455228846 14/03/2018 Sale Price: $196.00 + GST Price: $245.00 Save: $49.00 (20%)

Australian Native Title Law Second Edition annotates the Native Title Act 1993 (Cth) and analyses the common law principles applicable to native title... more

Kim Rubenstein
Lawbook Co., AUSTRALIA
Book 9780455236292 16/12/2016 Sale Price: $104.80 + GST Price: $131.00 Save: $26.20 (20%)

Citizenship is the pivotal legal status in any nation-state... more

Martin Davies, Martin Davies, Anthony Dickey QC, Anthony Dickey QC
Lawbook Co., AUSTRALIA
Book 9780455226767 26/08/2016 Sale Price: $258.40 + GST Price: $323.00 Save: $64.60 (20%)

Shipping Law - 4th Edition is the landmark work in its field and provides comprehensive coverage of all aspects of maritime law from a uniquely Australian perspective... more

Book 9780455231242 12/08/2016 Sale Price: $172.00 + GST Price: $215.00 Save: $43.00 (20%)

Access Regulation in Australia provides a much-needed guide to regulatory access issues, explaining the regimes currently in operation and the economic and legal principles which underpin them... more

Peter Spiller, Alpana Roy
Lawbook Co., AUSTRALIA
Book 9780455231068 27/06/2016 Sale Price: $151.20 + GST Price: $189.00 Save: $37.80 (20%)

The first complete statement of Australian domain name law Domain name law is a rapidly-evolving area of the law which concerns the contested rights of parties to registered domain names... more

Barry Allan
Thomson Reuters, NEW ZEALAND
Book 9780864729392 12/04/2016 Sale Price: $315.20 + GST Price: $394.00 Save: $78.80 (20%)

The Law of Secured Credit is a major and in-depth treatise on the range of complex and often interrelated areas of law governing secured transactions... more

Michael Murray, Jason Harris
Lawbook Co., AUSTRALIA
Book 9780455236919 16/03/2016 Sale Price: Price: $167.00 + GST You Save:

Major insolvency reforms became law in Australia on 29 February 2016, with an expected commencement date of 1 March 2017... more

David Rolph
Thomson Reuters, AUSTRALIA
Book 9780455228570 18/11/2015 Sale Price: $166.40 + GST Price: $208.00 Save: $41.60 (20%)

Defamation Law by David Rolph provides a comprehensive, up-to-date account of Australian defamation law... more

Ian Warren, Darren Palmer
Lawbook Co., AUSTRALIA
Book 9780455230450 30/07/2015 Sale Price: $83.20 + GST Price: $104.00 Save: $20.80 (20%)

Global Criminology examines the fundamental contradiction between globalisation and national sovereignty as the basis for establishing contemporary international and transnational criminal justice processes... more

Arjun Chhabra
Thomson Reuters, AUSTRALIA
Book 9780455236353 30/07/2015 Sale Price: $124.00 + GST Price: $155.00 Save: $31.00 (20%)

“Chhabra has crafted a very practical book to help practitioners navigate through the ... more

Marcus Jacobs QC
Thomson Reuters, AUSTRALIA
Book 9780455235011 26/06/2015 Sale Price: $206.40 + GST Price: $258.00 Save: $51.60 (20%)

The Law of Compulsory Land Acquisition Second Edition by Marcus Jacobs QC is the most comprehensive text on the subject of land resumption in Australia... more

Margaret Jackson, Gordon Hughes
Thomson Reuters, AUSTRALIA
Book 9780455233260 18/06/2015 Sale Price: $183.20 + GST Price: $229.00 Save: $45.80 (20%)

Private Life in a Digital World analyses the key challenges facing individuals and entities operating in the digital context - protecting information, maintaining privacy and, conversely, the critical.. more

Jeremy Finn, Elizabeth Toomey
Thomson Reuters, NEW ZEALAND
Book 9780864729057 16/05/2015 Sale Price: $46.40 + GST Price: $116.00 Save: $69.60 (60%)

Post Christchurch earthquakes and other recent natural disasters in New Zealand, highlighted the lack of comprehensive information and guidance available for professionals dealing with the legal issues.. more

Book 9789626617380 30/04/2015 Sale Price: $137.64 + GST Price: $172.05 Save: $34.41 (20%)

China Labour Law: A Q&A Guide for Foreign Lawyers and HR Managers is aimed at helping foreign lawyers and human resources managers understand China’s labour law framework... more

Book 9789626614365 30/12/2014 Sale Price: $348.69 + GST Price: $435.86 Save: $87.17 (20%)

Corporate Law in China – Structure, Governance and Regulation examines the latest 2013 amendments to the PRC Company Law, which is considered by many as a milestone in China’s quest for what is thought.. more

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