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Book 9780455232140 Forthcoming Release 30/04/2019 Sale Price: Price: $256.00 + GST You Save:

Investigating Corruption and Misconduct in Public Office Second Edition provides accessible, authoritative and practical information about anti-corruption agencies... more

Gordon Hughes
Lawbook Co., AUSTRALIA
Book 9780455500775 29/08/2018 Sale Price: Price: $266.00 + GST You Save:

Law of Trade Secrets and Privacy Third Edition provides essential guidance through the law regarding personal, institutional and corporate privacy... more

Stephen Odgers SC
Lawbook Co., AUSTRALIA
Book 9780455501024 26/06/2018 Sale Price: Price: $175.00 + GST You Save:

Uniform Evidence Law 13th Edition provides Australia’s leading guidance on the uniform evidence law for barristers, courts, litigators and students alike... more

Book 9780455500867 20/06/2018 Sale Price: Price: $134.87 + GST You Save:

Australian Elder Law , authored by Richard McCullagh details how to identify and deal with important legal problems increasingly faced by older Australians and their families... more

Michael Mills
Lawbook Co., AUSTRALIA
Book 9780455236049 08/06/2018 Sale Price: Price: $172.92 + GST You Save:

Commercial Dispute Resolution is a must-have resource providing a strategy focused approach to Alternative Dispute Resolution... more

Book 9780455238265 06/04/2018 Sale Price: Price: $125.00 + GST You Save:

Miller’s Australian Competition Law and Policy, 3 rd edition guides readers through the development of Australian competition law, addressing its underlying concepts and policy directions... more

Book 9780455500348 15/03/2018 Sale Price: Price: $121.00 + GST You Save:

The PPS in Practice addresses key issues concerning the application and operation of the Personal Property Securities Act 2009 (Cth) from its first five years of operation in Australia... more

Book 9780455228846 14/03/2018 Sale Price: Price: $222.00 + GST You Save:

Australian Native Title Law Second Edition annotates the Native Title Act 1993 (Cth) and analyses the common law principles applicable to native title... more

Book 9780455500843 04/03/2018 Sale Price: Price: $149.00 + GST You Save:

Celebrating its 40th edition, Miller's provides the full text of the Competition and Consumer Act with Russell Miller's expert insight into how its sections operate... more

Lawbook Co., AUSTRALIA
Book 9780455500805 08/02/2018 Sale Price: Price: $86.00 + GST You Save:

Corporations Legislation 2018 contains the Corporations Act 2001 , Australian Securities and Investments Commission Act 2001 and associated Acts and Regulations... more

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