Unit Titles Manual - 2nd Edition (Book)

Unit Titles Manual - 2nd Edition (Book)


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Date: 29/08/2016

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The Unit Titles Manual - 2nd Edition has been written to assist bodies corporate and their advisors to understand the Unit Titles Act 2010, regulations, 2013 amendments and the wider aspects that generally need to be considered by persons at all levels of a body corporate.

This manual puts the legislation in plain English and into an order which saves a lot of cross referencing of the Act and its regulations.

This revised and expanded edition includes amendments to the Act and other details of interest to almost anyone who has anything to do with a unit title. 

The new edition also includes a comprehensive chapter on dispute resolution in relation to bodies corporate written by dispute resolution expert John Green, and a new chapter on creating a unit title body corporate development written by Claire Tyler of Rainey Collins.

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Co-author John Ross, (Director of Oxygen), discusses the need for a second edition: Unit Titles: Are we safe yet? 


Click the link below to open a PDF sample extract containing the Preface, Table of Contents, How to Use this Manual (instructions), and Chapters 7, 8 and 9 of this book.
Unit Titles Manual 2nd Edition extract




Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Creating a Unit Title Body Corporate Development and Redevelopments

Chapter 2: Owner's Rights and Responsibilities

Chapter 3: Powers and Duties of the Body Corporate

Chapter 4: Meetings and Voting

Chapter 5: Chairperson and Committee

Chapter 6: Financials

Chapter 7: Levies

Chapter 8: Recovery of Levies and Other Expenses

Chapter 9: Auditing and Monitoring

Chapter 10: Insurance

Chapter 11: Repairs and Maintenance

Chapter 12: Service Contracts of the Body Corporate

Chapter 13: Disclosure Statements

Chapter 14: Dispute Resolution

Chapter 15: Miscellaneous