Leading Cases in Song Book & CD Bundle

Leading Cases in Song Book & CD Bundle

Stephen Todd

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Date: 23/11/2015

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Thomson Reuters, NEW ZEALAND


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Legal disputes can be both comical and bizarre. Indeed the facts of a number of famous law cases almost beg to be set to words and music and celebrated in a comical book. This is just such a book and the reader (or singer) will find inside a large number of leading decisions of the courts (plus a few not quite so leading) presented as songs, with every one set to a different tune taken from the Gilbert and Sullivan operas. They are all based on decisions which in one way or another are entertaining or diverting and/or which raise particularly interesting questions for the law to resolve. Readers will discover entirely new ways of appreciating Donoghue v Stevenson, Carlill v Carbolic Smoke Ball Co, R v Brown and many others.

Judges, lawyers and law students alike may find understanding of such areas of law as negligence, defamation, privacy and harassment will be immeasurably enhanced; Gilbert and Sullivan fans will discover familiar arias in new settings; and anyone who likes reading, singing, performing or listening to amusing songs will undoubtedly enjoy this unique contribution to legal learning and literature.

The songs are illustrated by quirky and beautifully drawn cartoons. And the musical score for every song is provided at the back of the book.

Now available as a bundle: the Book plus the CD!

Listen to a song selection

Click here to listen to a song selection performed by Wellington's "Counsel in Concert"

Or here to listen to "Behold the Smokeball Flu Preventioner" from the CD.


Reviews and interviews

  • NZ Law Society reviews Leading Cases in Song: “Professor Todd, author or co-author of some of New Zealand’s leading legal texts, has produced a thoroughly entertaining collection of songs based on well-known cases and set to tunes from Gilbert and Sullivan operas.”
  • New Law Journal UK:"A whirlwind of ingenuity, wit and humour, Stephen Todd's Leading Cases in Song is less a novelty book than a surreal journey into a parallel world teeming with life of its own and people by a weird and wonderful cast of celebrities, eccentrics and other characters whose brushes with the law have become judicial landmarks."
  • Listen to Radio NZ Jim Mora's interview of Stephen Todd for his "Afternoons" show.
  • "Professor puts cases to music" - the news website stuff.co.nz features an article on Leading Cases that originally appeared in the Christchurch newspaper The Press.
  • Online Insider: An overview of the process behind the song selection and examples of the illustrations.