Global Business Immigration Handbook 2014

Global Business Immigration Handbook 2014


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Date: 15/03/2014

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Written by Fragomen Global, the leading provider of immigration services and solutions for the corporate sector in the US, the handbook provides vital information on worldwide immigration laws and procedures.

Organised alphabetically by country, chapters begin with an overview of the country’s immigration laws, followed by a discussion of temporary stays, permanent residence, naturalisation, immigration rights of family members, employment of non-citizens and their family members and travel restrictions affecting non-citizens.

It includes information on:

  • Australia – new labor market test requirements, elimination of quotas for the Subclass 457 visa, and the key temporary visa category for professionals
  • Belgium – forthcoming decentralization of work permit policy to Belgium’s three regional governments
  • China – reorganization of the visa system
  • France – new restrictions on the ability of foreign salaried professionals and intracompany transferees to sponsor fam ily members; recognition of same-sex partners for immigration benefits
  • European Union - new rules on the work rights of citizens of Croatia, the EU’s newest member state; elimination of work and residence restrictions on citizens of Bulgaria and Romania.
  • India – changes to the business visa and conference visa program
  • Ireland - new short-term work authorization that permits certain non-EEA nationals to work in Ireland for 15 to 90 calendar days per year; changes to the immigrant investor and entrepreneur programs
  • Japan – broader eligibility criteria, expanded benefits for highly skilled professional program.
  • Schengen Area - new rules for calculating the maximum cumulative stay period for foreign visitors
  • Singapore – reorganization of the work authorization system for foreign professionals
  • Switzerland – new formalities for EU nationals with employment contracts of more than one year
  • United Kingdom – new wage requirements for foreign professionals and intracompany transferees; new post-graduate corporate internship and employment programs for foreign students completing a degree at a UK university
  • United States – new automated arrival-departure system for foreign travelers; recognition of same-sex marriages for immigration benefit purposes